The Cape Orchid Society provides members of the Society, as well as other SAOC-affiliated members numerous opportunities throughout the year to have their plants judged and awarded. Judging happens at each monthly meeting, where species and genus information, growing techniques and advice are provided by the judges on duty. Plant judging at shows is done without the members being present. Plants are judged by class and awarded ribbons and rosettes based on merit. Special awards are also allocated based on quality of growing and other factors. Award judging happens once a month and members are asked to contact the Cape Judges to inquire about these dates. These awards are based on SAOC standards and result in various qualifications including First Class Certificates (FCC), Award of Merit (AM), Highly Commended Certificate (HCC), Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE) Certificate of Cultural Merit (CCM), Judges’ Commendation (JC), Award of Distinction (AD), Award of Quality (AQ), Certificate of Horticultural Merit (CHM), or Certificate of Botanical Recognition (CBR).